High-quality perfume ​delivered to your ​doorstep

Enjoy 10ml of premium Eau de Parfum every month.

  • Exclusive fragrances curated just for you.

  • Convenient monthly delivery.

  • Special 50% off your first month.

  • Personalize your scent experience.


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Quality Scents

Premium 10ml ​Eau de Parfum ​just for you.

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Starts at $19.90 a ​month, with a ​50% off first ​month special.

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Monthly delivery ​to your doorstep.


  • Step 1: Choose Your Plan: Pick 1 or 2 ​perfumes per month.

  • Step 2: Select Your Delivery Date: 1st or 15th ​of each month

  • Step 3: Customize Your Scents: Select from ​our curated list.

  • Step 4: Enjoy Your Fragrance: Delivered ​directly to your door.

- 1 perfume: $19.90 per month

- 2 perfumes: $39.80 per month

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1 Perfume per Month

  • $200 per year ​(Save 20%)

2 Perfumes per Month

  • $400 per year ​(Save 21%)

Best deal for those ​who love a good ​bargain and never ​want to run out of ​their favorite ​scents!

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per month

  • 2 Perfume per ​Month

  • DOorstep ​delivery

  • 50% off first ​month

Enjoy twice the ​variety with two ​new scents every ​month!

  • 1 Perfume per ​Month

  • DOorstep delivery

  • 50% off first ​month

Perfect for those ​who want a new ​scent each ​month.

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Return 5 empty bottles, and we’ll ​give you a full bottle of your ​choice.

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Frequently Asked Question

QUestion 1: “What scents will I GET?”

  • Answer: You can pick your favorite scents from our list. You can also choose more than one to create your own scent cycle.

QUestion 2: “can i change my plan later?”

  • Answer: Yes, you can change your plan any time.

QUestion 3: “what if i don’t like a scent?”

  • Answer: Contact Us and we will arrange for a replacement for you in your next delivery.

QUestion 4: “How do I return empty bottles for the sustainability offer?”​

  • Answer: Collect 5 empty bottles and send them back to us @ Freda’D Westgate. We will then send you a full bot​tle of your choice.

QUestion 5: “How and when will I be b​illed?”

  • Answer: After submitting the form, we will send you a Stripe payment link via email. You will be billed monthly or annually depending on your ​chosen plan.

QUestion 6: “Can I skip a month if I have too much perfume?”​

  • Answer: Yes, you can pause your subscription anytime. Just let us know, and we’ll adjust your delivery schedule.

QUestion 7: “How do I update my delivery address or other details?”

  • Answer: You can update your information by contacting our support team, and we will make the necessary changes.

QUestion 8: “What if my perfume is damaged during shipping?”

  • Answer: If your perfume arrives damaged, please contact us immediately, and we will send a replacement..

QUestion 9: “Can I gift a subscription to someone else?”

  • Answer: Yes, you can gift a subscription. Just fill out their details in the form and let us know it’s a gift in the additional notes section.

QUestion 10: “How do I cancel my subscription?”

  • Answer: You can cancel your subscription anytime by contacting our support team. There are no cancellation fees.




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